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Worried you might not be able to afford the best divorce lawyer?

February 11, 2021 | Categorised in:

Why your solicitor should ask you about funding options.

Nigel Shepherd, family lawyer with 40 years’ experience and twice national chair of family justice organisation Resolution, talks about an important discussion to have with your family lawyer. This article first appeared in The Guardian’s Modern Family supplement on the 6th February.

Dealing with the financial consequences of a divorce can be complex and daunting. The family home, pensions, a business and other assets might all be involved.

Getting expert legal advice can make all the difference to a fair outcome and the financial security that means you can plan for the future with confidence, but in some cases just one of the divorcing couple holds all the financial cards.

Unless both in the marriage have the means to pay for fair legal representation, there’s no level playing field and a real risk of injustice.

In these circumstances a loan from a provider like Ampla Finance is one of the options that you can discuss with your family law solicitor. You can flexibly borrow only what you need to meet your legal fees and it’s repayable from the eventual divorce settlement.

This allows your solicitor to focus on providing the help required, and means that not only can you afford the solicitor you deserve, you won’t have the stress that comes with worrying about how you’re going to pay for it all.

There are a number of different regulatory, financial and practical factors to take into account when considering whether a litigation loan is appropriate and choosing which provider might be best. Ampla Finance will soon publish a comprehensive guide to help family lawyers have this far from straightforward, but important, conversation with clients.

The sooner funding is in place the sooner your solicitor can get on with what matters most – helping you to get a fair settlement as cost-effectively as possible.

Nigel Shepherd is Adviser to Ampla Finance. For more information on how a legal costs loan could help you, visit www.amplafinance.comor call us on 0800 009 6590