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Getting the proceeds from an Estate you are responsible for can be a lengthy process. Complex Estates, which include assets such as property and shares can take 12 months or longer to administer, before you can realistically release funds to settle liabilities (including Inheritance Tax), pay other estate debts or finance the refurbishment/repair of property.

Our simple, straight forward service allows you to access up to 70% of the expected proceeds of the Estate, even before Probate is granted.

Product Benefits

Simple application process

Available pre and post-Grant of Probate

Lending decision in just a few days

Access up to 70% of the expected proceeds of the Estate

Transparent fees with no upfront cost or ongoing interest payments

The loan is normally only repayable once the Estate proceeds are realised

If circumstances change and the assets in the Estate do not cover the balance payable on the Loan, then the lender takes the risk - we will not require you to pay the shortfall, provided there has been no Default Event under the Loan terms and conditions

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How it works


Make an application

Ask your Professional Firm for a referral or contact us directly and we’ll send you an application form. You’ll need a certified copy of the Will and Grant of Probate (if applicable, together with details of the assets and liabilities in the Estate and the Professional Firm(s) appointed to settle the Estate.


Application review

We’ll review your application and get back to you quickly with an answer. Usually, we respond in just a few days.


Receive your funds

Once approved, we’ll ask you to review and electronically sign the loan agreement. The Professional Firm administering the Estate will be required to confirm some core details about the Estate and the Beneficiaries will be asked to give their consent. Then we'll transfer the funds to your Professional Firm's account.


Repaying the loan

Normally, there will be nothing to pay until the Estate has been settled. Your Professional Firm will notify us as soon as the proceeds are received and repay the balance directly to us.

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We understand that your priority is to secure the very best outcome for your client…we can help

We recognise that the proper administration of an estate can be a complex and lengthy process and this may be at odds with the needs and expectations of your clients.

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