We understand that your priority is to secure the very best outcome for you clients.

When relationships break down, individuals are often faced with difficult financial and legal issues. Your focus is finding a constructive way forward that will secure their long-term interests.

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About Us

An expert lender transforming legal funding.

It’s common for clients to struggle with how to fund their cases or face lengthy delays before receiving loan decisions. Obstacles like these can make your work more difficult and even damage a client’s case.

How It Works


If your firm is not already an Ampla partner you will need to sign a practice level agreement with us.

After that, your clients can apply for Ampla loans to cover the cost of proceedings to give them access to the legal representation they need.

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Our Values - We are proud of how we work


Our service is fair to you and it’s fair to your clients. You are paid promptly and your clients have access to finance at reasonable rates, from a responsible lender.


We’re straightforward about what we do, there are no hidden charges for your firm or your clients. The Ampla Hub gives you clear, up-to-date information on the loan and associated drawdowns, putting you and your client in control.


We aim to provide decisions on loan applications within two working days and on increasing a facility within 24 hours. We use technology to automate processes and make us efficient, which frees up our team to develop strong individual relationships with our partner firms, the better to respond to what they need.


We’re lending experts in the first instance. But, with a background in financial services and the legal sector, we understand what good client service looks like and that’s what we provide to our partner firms.