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5 minutes with Tim Porter our Commercial Director of Family

July 6, 2022 | Categorised in: , ,

It’s been a month since our new Commercial Director of Family, Tim Porter joined Ampla. So, we recently sat down with him to find out why he joined Ampla, how he is getting on in his new role, and what he likes to do outside of work:

Q: Favourite quote:

Tim: Procrastination is the thief of time.

Q: What are your top 3 favourite Podcasts/Books?

Tim: The variety of content available is endless and I would struggle to narrow it down to even 3. I like anything inspirational from people that have overcome adversity and achieved success against all odds. The human mind and body are both capable of doing so much more than most of us (including me) ever ask our own to do.

Q: What are the problems with the family law sector that you want to fix?

Tim:One of our challenges is to change the solicitor’s perception about their clients need for litigation finance. The wealthiest people and even the wealthiest businesses in the world will use somebody else’s money before using their own. Apple inc. is a great example of this. Closer to home there are many reasons why our borrowers prefer to use our money instead of their own to finance their divorce. For many of our customers this is a well-informed purchase of first and not last resort.

Q: What attracted you to Ampla Finance?

Tim: Ampla has hand-selected the very best people from different legal and financial backgrounds. The depth of knowledge and experience is vast. There are no passengers here and we carry no baggage. This is an ambitious business where free-thinking is encouraged and everybody’s opinion counts. It is the ‘can do’ attitude and the common drive for success that attracted me to Ampla.

Q: How have you found your first month at Ampla?

Tim: A nonstop rollercoaster. There is so much to learn. The good news is that my colleagues are incredibly supportive and take time to explain things to me properly when I ask silly questions.

Q: Can you share your plans and ambitions for Ampla’s Family product in the coming years?

Tim: Consumers have long moved away from ‘one-size fits all’ and with the help of technology demand ‘one size fits me’. The client sits at the heart of everything we do and moving forward this means we need to deliver even more personalised on-demand client interactions.

Q: And finally, what do you like to do away from Ampla?

Tim: Whenever I can I enjoy spending time with family and friends, socialising, eating out, walking, cycling and golf.


Want to learn more about our Family products? Get in touch with Tim and the team on 0800 009 6590 or email