Fair finance when you need it the most

We know how difficult family legal issues can be. We do our best to make sure that covering your legal fees is one thing you don’t have to worry about.

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Introduction to a Family Law loan

We work in partnership with you and your Solicitor to design a loan tailored to your needs, which only charges you for the amount you use. We reduce the admin by paying loan advances directly to your Solicitor and our user-friendly online tool keeps you in control of the process throughout, with no hidden costs.

At Ampla Finance we are dedicated to providing quick approval times, without sacrificing our responsibility to you to lend fairly and ethically.

How it works


Find an Ampla Partner Solicitor

We are partnered with a number of solicitors, so you can choose to use one of them. Alternatively we are happy to get in contact with your existing Solicitor if they aren’t yet a partner and invite them onboard.


Make a loan application

Our simple online form takes minutes to fill in, and will be done by your Solicitor on your behalf.


Application Review

Our lending expertise lets us quickly review your application and aim to reply in as little as two days with a loan tailored to you.


Independent legal advice

When it comes to your finances, we want you to make a fully informed decision. We ensure that you get independent legal advice so you are confident that we are the best option


Manage your loan

Once your loan is approved, your solicitor can request to draw down the money in stages, according to what your case requires.  The funds will not be released until you approve them via the online platform.



Your loan is normally repaid from your final divorce or dissolution settlement, so you can make a fresh start.

Become a Family Law Partner

We understand that your priority is to secure the very best outcome for you clients.

When relationships break down, individuals are often faced with difficult financial and legal issues. Your focus is finding a constructive way forward that will secure their long-term interests.

Become a Partner

The loan is linked to your firm and only approved law firms can use our service with their clients. Therefore any new solicitor your client appoints would need to be approved by us, otherwise the loan would need to be repaid in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement. Similarly, if your client decides to act in person that would constitute a breach of the clients loan agreement and the loan would need to be repaid in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement.

You will repay the loan directly to Ampla upon receipt of the final settlement amount into your Client Account. The balance will be returned to the client once the loan has been repaid in full.

In all cases, we require your client to take independent legal advice once they have received the documentation, to ensure that they understand the agreement they are entering into. Ampla will provide a panel of Independent Legal Advisors to choose from, all with reasonable fixed-fees agreed. Your client can choose to select one of these advisors or instruct their own. Your client will be responsible for paying fees directly to the Independent Legal Advisor.

No financial undertakings are required. Solicitors must agree to take receipt of the settlement into their client account and ensure that Ampla is repaid any outstanding sums from their client’s settlement figure before passing the balance on to their client. They must also undertake to inform Ampla of any changes in their client’s case which could affect their ability to repay the loan.

Upon application, we will agree an upper facility amount. This is designed to cover all your client’s anticipated legal costs through to the conclusion of their case. Each time a drawdown is requested to settle an invoice, once we have received your client’s authorisation, Ampla will release the monies directly into your firm’s client account.

The loan is used to pay your fees and any disbursements, including Counsel’s fees and expert witnesses. The proceeds of the loan will be paid directly into your client account, once your client has approved the draw down request.

We will ask you to complete an application form on behalf of your client, which can be found through our Ampla Hub. We will swiftly assess your client’s eligibility for a loan and aim to give you a lending decision within two working days.

We look at each application on a case by case basis and will ask your opinion on the likely success of their case. You will need to provide an estimate of the fees and settlement amount based on total realisable assets. We will undertake our own credit checks, with your client’s permission.

If your firm is not already an Ampla partner you will need to sign a practice level agreement with us. After that, your clients can apply for Ampla loans to cover the cost of proceedings to give them access to the legal representation they need.

Our loans can be used to fund legal expenses relating to your divorce proceedings, whether that’s mediation, arbitration, collaborative law or court proceedings. This includes your solicitor’s fees and any disbursements, such as fees for Counsel of other experts such as forensic accountants or surveyors.

The loan is linked to your current solicitor as only clients of approved law firms can use our funding offering. If you choose to act for yourself, you will be in breach of your loan agreement and the loan would need to be repaid in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Any new solicitor you appoint would need to be approved by us in order to use our funding offering, otherwise this would constitute a breach of the loan agreement and the loan would need to be repaid in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement.

That is absolutely fine – there are no penalties for paying the loan early, either in a single payment or by instalments.

Your Solicitor will repay the loan directly to Ampla upon receipt of the final settlement amount into the Client Account that they hold for you. The balance of your settlement will be returned to you once the loan has been repaid in full.

Your Solicitor receives no financial incentive from Ampla, nor do they recommend Ampla to you.

In the first instance, please either contact us directly or ask your solicitor to enquire on your behalf. As part of the application process we will ask your solicitor to provide us with some information about your case, such as the stage you are at in the process, the likely value of your financial settlement and other significant facts. Your solicitor will have calculated the size of loan you will need in order to reach the conclusion of your case. Once we have received your application, we will speak to your solicitor and make a lending decision, usually within two working days.