Fair finance when you need it the most

We know how difficult family legal issues can be. We do our best to make sure that covering your legal fees is one thing you don’t have to worry about.

How we work

We work in partnership with you and your Solicitor to design a loan tailored to your needs, which only charges you for the amount you use.We reduce the admin by paying loan advances directly to your Solicitor and our user - friendly online tool keeps you in control of the process throughout, with no hidden costs.

At Ampla Finance we are dedicated to providing the quickest approval times in the market, without sacrificing our responsibility to you to lend fairly and ethically.


Find an Ampla Partner Solicitor

We are partnered with a number of Solicitors, so you can choose to use one of them. Alternatively we are happy to get in contact with your existing Solicitor if they aren’t yet a partner and invite them onboard.


Make a loan application

Our simple online form takes minutes to fill in, and can even be done by your Solicitor on your behalf.


Application review

Our lending expertise lets us quickly review your application and aim to reply in as little as two days with a loan tailored to you.


Independent legal advice

When it comes to your finances, we want you to make a fully informed decision. We ensure that you get independent legal advice so you are confident that we are the best option.


Manage your loan

Once your loan is approved, your solicitor can request to draw down the money in stages, according to what your case requires.  The funds will not be released until you approve them via the online platform.



Your loan is repaid from your final divorce or dissolution settlement, so no debts follow you into your fresh start.

Frequently asked questions
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  • Does my Solicitor benefit from me taking an Ampla Loan?

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