Don’t wait to unlock future rental funds

The Ampla Landlord Advance Rental Product allows Landlords to receive 12 months of future rental income upfront (a “Rental Advance”).

The Rental Advance can be used for any purpose e.g to build a portfolio or renovate a property.

Available to Landlords whose property is managed by a lettings agency approved by Ampla.

How It Works?


Make An Application

The product is currently available to Landlords with the Property Franchise Group ( You can apply by completing a simple, online application.


Application Review

We’ll review your application and get back quickly with an answer. Typically, within 2 working days.


Receive Your Funds

Once approved, Ampla will provide the Landlord with 88% of the rental payable by the tenants over the next 12 months (after deducting Agent management fees and a small administration charge).


Repaying The Loan

During the period of the Rental Advance agreement, the letting Agent will pay rents received from tenants directly to Ampla.



At the conclusion of the Rental Advance period you can apply for another advance.


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