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A year in review: Divorce milestones of 2020

December 30, 2020 | Categorised in:

It’s difficult to believe that 2020 is almost over. It’s been a tumultuous one for us all, across every aspect of society and business. But we’ve seen some pivotal events at Ampla – both internally and in the family law sector – that have made this year a precedent-setter in more ways than one.

No fault divorce becomes a reality in the UK

The big divorce news of the year was undoubtedly the passing of the ‘no fault divorce bill’. The Divorce Dissolution and Separation Act passed Parliament in June and was signed into law to reduce the acrimony that can surround a divorce process.

Taking effect from late 2021, this monumental new legislation – the largest change to UK divorce law in 50 years – was watched closely by the whole sector. Next year, after over 30 years of campaigning, we’ll see its effect fully.

Villiers Supreme Court verdict sets intra-UK precedent

In July, the UK Supreme Court issued a precedent-setting verdict in the case of Villiers v. Villiers, allowing for the possibility of divorce and financial matters to run in parallel in two separate jurisdictions.

While concerns exist around the potential for ‘forum shopping’ when it comes to filing a maintenance suit, Lord Sales set out in the leading judgement that divorce proceedings and claims for maintenance are not related actions when it comes to determining jurisdiction. (Article 13 of the EU Maintenance Regulation).

What this means in practice will have to wait until we see proceedings issued in 2021, after the Brexit transition, but it will certainly make waves in the sector next year.

Britain’s biggest divorce case makes headlines

Currently ongoing, the Akhmedova v. Akhmedova divorce case this year pulled Temur Akhmedova, son to Farkhad and Tatiana, into the courts alongside his parents.

With proceedings delayed from their scheduled start at the beginning of December, the biggest divorce case ever heard in Britain has ended the year with a question mark rather than a finale.

Virtually indepensible

We’ve also seen some amazing Family Law events this year, from the Bloomsbury Family Law Conference to the regular events held remotely by the fantastic Resolution, and even a virtual Family Law Awards. We have been proud to sponsor may of these events, and it is amazing to see the family law community remain so dedicated to achieving the best for clients and always seeking to improve, in such a difficult year.

New year, same passion

Not to mention, we’ve had some milestones here at Ampla too – this year we officially turned a year old. It’s been an exciting first birthday and we’re always pushing to see if we can do more to bring fair financing to those that need it.

As part of this passion, we launched Ampla Legacy this year, a legal financing product that helps consumers access an inheritance without facing the lengthy delays surrounding probate – which have only worsened in 2020. Able to benefit both professional executors and consumers, we hope Ampla Legacy will prove to be another great channel in 2021 to share our brand of trusted, responsive and, above all, fair financing.