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5 minutes with Andrew Shirtcliff our Business Development Director of Legacy

May 18, 2022 | Categorised in: , , ,

It’s been three months since our new Business Development Director of Legacy, Andrew Shirtcliff joined Ampla. So, we recently sat down with him to find out why he joined Ampla, how he is getting on in his new role, and what he likes to do outside of work.

Q: Favourite quote:

Andrew: Don’t quit

Q: What are the problems with the inheritance sector that you want to fix?

Andrew: Our Business exists to solve a problem, and help people that are caught up in a catch 22 situation. The two inevitables in life are death and taxes and we are introducing ourselves as a possible solution during this difficult time that many professional connections are unaware of yet.

Q: What attracted you to Ampla Finance?

Andrew: Ampla has given me an opportunity to work with new and existing connections to introduce a solution to a problem that they face. I wanted to work in an agile, focused, progressive business and make a difference and that’s what Ampla offered and delivered on.

Q: How have you found your first couple of months at Ampla?

Andrew: It has been non-stop and exceeded expectations both in how our story has been received by professional connections and the enthusiasm and willingness of my new colleagues to help me. Progression has been upwards and I’ve got to know some really interesting people with a real passion for how we can work together.

Q: Can you share your plans and ambitions for Ampla’s Legacy product in the coming years?

Andrew: We have ambitious but realistic goals to widen and deepen our reach and relationship with professional connections and our solutions have been very well received. Enquiries and interest in our two Legacy products are increasing, but we are only scratching the surface so there is lots to do.

Q: And finally, what do you like to do away from Ampla?

Andrew: I try to resist checking work activity, unwind and get out in the fresh air. Lots of family stuff goes on. Weekends for me historically were playing then coaching rugby and football but now I’m on the touchline supporting my children, which I love, even though it’s generally freezing, wet and windy. As the weather improves its golf followed by knocking up a storm on the bbq at home or at the beach.


Want to learn more about our Legacy products? Contact Andrew on 07513 716 682 or email